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Response 1: To Reflection 1 by Diegor Chan October 18, 2011

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I found your reflection quite intriguing, in that you were able to very concisely summarize the key aspects of the two articles. Moreover, you were able to draw connections with the Mechanical Model and the Representational Model of sensing, which I thought was quite interesting, the idea that the two models are combined in order to create a landscape was quite interesting, in that people took what they knew of the world and combined it with their own unique sensual experience in order to have their own unique alternate embodiment. I also liked how you discussed the idea of when your thinking of a conversation and it beings to seems like your actually hearing it, I too have similar experiences however mine often involve music. Quite often when I’m recollecting a song it begins to feel like I’m actually hearing the song, however as soon as I make myself aware of this fact the sensation quickly disappears. I never thought to associate this experience as an alternate mode of sensing but in a way it is, since there is no real input occurring. Only know when I think about do I realize the amazing aspect of hearing music without it actually playing, I wonder is people who are deaf/blind have similar experiences, in which they are not actually sensing but only recreating the sensation.



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