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Response 2 : To Julia Falotico Reflection 3 October 20, 2011

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Hi Julia I really enjoyed reading your reflection you were very concise in your summary as well your analysis. Not only that it seems that for the most part we drew similar conclusions from the articles, such as the importance of the bodily experience in southeast Ghana culture as well as the idea of the hegemony of visual culture in western society. However although I believe the visual aspect was the main focus of the Pallasmaa article, I do not completely agree that people in western society do not experience full body understanding, instead I think that we simply do not acknowledge it. Just as Geurts explained that although she felt the intensity of running over the rock she was not able to properly realise what she had experienced until she learned of ‘seselelame’. Thus referring to your movie example, it’s not that we do not feel the emotion and bodily experience that comes with viewing a movie it’s just not taken seriously, at least not in the mainstream. Obviously there are people who attend movies for the entire emotional experience and those who go just to see things blow up. However even those who go to see things blow up are experiencing a totality of sensorium stimulus, they are just not aware of it on a deeper level. Also I really enjoyed the video clip, its provides great insight to how different cultures feel and experience aspect’s of life that we think often think are treated universally, such as death.



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