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Response 5 : To Jasmine Cifuentes Reflection 5 November 15, 2011

Posted by HSDC in Uncategorized.

I found your reflection to be quite interesting, in that you didn’t simply summarize the articles but instead interjected some very unique opinions as well. I want to draw particular attention to your focus on how the brain works without our understanding, this is a very important aspect of the brain that can’t really be understood but is easily observed. I think it is for that reason that it is so easy for big businesses to manipulate advertisement’s in order to appeal to our sub-conscious senses. I think the effects of consumerism, on some level, rely on an almost conditioned per-action to what we are sensing. To elaborate, I would like to refer to a study I found online where people who had been blinded by brain injury still had working eyes but were not able to articulate images. Although these people were blind they still reacted to image with smiles and emotions, even though they couldn’t see them. This is due to other parts of the brain automatically reacting to what the eyes are taking in, even when the sensory input is not being articulated by the occipital lobe.



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